Through this self paced course, you will gain a clear understanding and knowledge base of the following: 
  What various gardening language and terms mean 
 What methods are used to grow a garden 
  What equipment is required to get started 
 Why organic gardening is so important for us and the earth 
  Getting started in your garden

This starter course is designed for the aspiring gardener who has a limited understanding of gardening and would like a deeper knowledge of the terms, methods and equipment used when completing gardening tasks.

From this course you will understand the language, methods, equipment and skills required to become a gardener and also develop valuable knowledge prior to establishing your garden.

You will develop your working knowledge of gardening language and terms, identify and apply equipment to complete gardening activities and appreciate basic organic gardening principles in establishing your own thriving garden.

This level of understanding will help you avoid many of the typical gardening problems.

The 5 lessons in this course include;

  • Gardening Terms – a description of words used to describe gardening methods, equipment and resources used to garden
  • Methods to grow a garden – simple tasks to get growing
  • Equipment to get you started – the tools and resources used in gardening
  • Why Organic Gardening is so important for us and the earth
  • Getting started in your garden