Are you ready to get started in a profession that serves and gives joy to others?
Register now for this unique masterclass training and learn how to provide meaningful garden-based activities to cultivate health and wellbeing for people of all ages and  abilities.

“Let’s make gardening accessible for everyone”

Training is held online with weekly live sessions over 4 weeks, commencing on Friday 5th May and completing on Friday 26th May, 2023.

Cost for training $1395.00 includes GST.
Bookings open until 1st May.

Weekly sessions commence at 9am AEST for approx. 3 hours, including a short break and each session is recorded and available if you can't attend live each week.

If you want to support others in the garden but not sure if this training suits you, please get in touch and we can arrange a chat. Email me here.

OR read more detailed information HERE on the training program.

With your passion and gardening experience you would  guide and support others to enjoy time in the garden too.

If you are empathic and understanding with a willingness to provide support and share your knowledge then this would suit you!  

My personalised and tailored training will allow you to support your participants to gain positive experiences by;
 ✅ understanding individual needs both physically and mentally.
 ✅  knowing how to develop an unique program for each of your participants and groups.
✅  having confidence to deliver person-centred activities that benefit individuals and groups.
✅  achieving quality results and goals for both you and your participants.

Find out more about working in the Therapeutic Horticulture field in this podcast episode HERE.

To help you successful establish your own  Gardening Program you’ll access video tutorials and
downloadable resources, One-on-One online mentoring sessions with Cath and
ongoing support through private online  group.

You'll learn;

  • What is Therapeutic Horticulture
  • The benefits to health and wellbeing
  • How to implement a program for individuals or groups
  • Gardening for people in aged care, in-home care or NDIS participants.
  • How to make adjustments and customise gardening for people with varying abilities, including dementia.
  • Plants used in a therapy garden   
  • Ways to grow fresh food
  • Adaptive gardening activities
  • Equipment required
  • Your business, NDIS regulations and working for organisations

Feedback from previous training…
 Was the content informative? What else could be included? - “Yes, the content was perfect and as we went along, it was great to hear what other participants wanted/needed and this information was quickly uploaded. The NDIS component was great…very helpful! I needed the “how to” part that you can’t read in books which was covered in this training.”  
How did you find the online training format? - “I found the online training format easy to understand, comprehensive and relatable. And Cath was fantastic at delivering this training!! Thank you so much!!  
What did you enjoy most about the training? - “I really enjoyed the content of the training as I felt like it was relevant to what I want to do. After a couple of sessions, I had feelings of “I can do this” and was excited by the prospect!! I also enjoyed the small group discussions…we all wanted the same thing!”  

“I really am so grateful to have found you! Your course really inspired me to move forward into moving ahead and implementing my knowledge to share /reactivate the love of gardens and gardening with others in our community.”  

“Not only was this training packed full of informative content and activities, I would say, you also over-delivered by sharing resources, templates and insights from your personal experience, which is invaluable.”  

“I enjoyed the practical exercises and looking at each gardening activity in terms of its benefits in detail, that will help in designing and delivering a tailored and successful program.”  

“I consider myself fortunate to have met someone as generous as you and the tribe that share the same values. I am glad to have a mentor who is willing to help others on the same path by sharing their valuable lessons and experiences.”

Are you offering the training after hours as I’m working on Friday mornings? TH Training is scheduled in 2023 on Friday and Saturday mornings, to cater for varying availability.
If I miss a weekly session how to I catchup with topics missed? I record each session and add them to the Online Training Hub to view at any time.
I’m interested in offering gardening support for NDIS, how do I get started? Through the training I share a range of information and guidance for becoming a registered or non-registered NDIS provider and ways to make contact with organisations for new clients.
Is this training accredited? No, the training is not an accredited course. It is training for anyone with experience in gardening, qualifications in horticulture, or the health sector wanting to work in the Therapeutic Horticulture field or to deliver gardening programs to clients, residents or participants.
How did you develop the content and are you experienced to deliver it to others? I have worked and delivered training in the TH field since 2014. Through my own studies and hands-on experience I have developed a training program which provides the necessary information and skills to deliver therapeutic gardening activities. I have vast experience in this field and now specialise in delivering high quality training and support as I believe we need more people working in this industry to support others.